About 100 residents in the small community of Mt. Index Riversites are finally getting some relief after getting stranded by a December mudslide.

It s a slushy mucky mess, said Thom Boullioun, a homeowner.

Dirt, downed trees and debris cover the community s only road, making it only accessible on foot. A trip for groceries or other supplies is a two-mile trudge for Boullioun each way. Power outages are a constant problem.

It s been continuing for 2 months here. We need to get our road open, he said.

Since the road is private, Snohomish County can t help. Homeowners raised $50,000 for crews to keep one lane open, but the money is nearly gone.

Frustrated homeowners packed the Index Fire Hall Saturday asking for a solution. The meeting was not open to the public.

The people living up there would like to see it start yesterday, said Byron Elwood, a resident at the meeting.

Community leaders agreed to cash out its funds, allocating $10,000 for immediate work to allow access for emergency crews.

You d hate to see someone die because we couldn t get services in there, said Elwood.

While emergency access is a start, Boullioun and others want their everyday life improved.

You can t even see remnants of the road, he said.

According to Boullioun, a contractor agreed to put in $30,000 of work to restore the road and build a retaining wall now, allowing residents to make payments. Boullioun claims community leaders are resisting.

Whether or not we agree on things, the mountain is still sliding, it s really sad, he said.

In the meantime, community members have set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for permanent repairs.

People up here are pretty resilient there will be a solution of one type or another, said Elwood.

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