GARDEN CITY -- It was a full house at an Ada County Highway District commission meeting Wednesday night.

At issue: whether to move forward with a plan to add medians to Fairview Avenue.

Dozens of people showed up to weigh in on the proposed Fairview Avenue Corridor Management Plan.

ACHD says to improve safety on the busy road; Fairview needs raised medians installed from Orchard Street to Linder Road.

However, some 200 members of the Fairview Business Coalition say that plan would hurt business due to access issues.

A majority of those who spoke Wednesday were against the plan, including Ada County Paramedic director Darby Weston, who said that Fairview Avenue is one of their primary response corridors, and medians would be a big problem.

My concern is that if we take that center lane and we put an impassible barrier in the center lane, we will significantly impact our ability to respond in a timely manner, she said. With that impassible barrier, we become gridlocked in traffic during an emergency response.

After hearing from those at the meeting, ACHD commissioners voted to go ahead with the Fairview Avenue Corridor Access Plan, which includes changes to lights and signage, fix the potholes and ruts. The medians will be only used as a last resort.

This means that the commissioners will have to vote on them, if they were to go in.

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