MILWAUKIE, Ore. A Clackamas County sheriff s deputy stepped on a long nail Monday that was part of a booby trap along a fence in Milwaukie.

At 10:38, deputy Steve Martin was responding to a domestic violence call at a home in the 18100 block of Southeast Addie Street, according to Sgt. Daniel Kraus with the Clackamas County Sheriff s Office.

The home is surrounded by an iron fence and gate that could only be opened by the homeowner. Martin jumped the fence and landed directly on a long nail embedded in concrete with a group of other nails, Kraus said.

The nails were reportedly set up to prevent someone from coming over the fence.

The nail drove through Martin's foot, penetrating it all the way to the bone. He has not been able to return to work.

The homeowner told the sheriff s office he would remove the trap. The matter is under investigation by the district attorney s office.

Authorities urge homeowners that booby trapping is extremely dangerous and can potentially harm a child, pet or unintended victim.

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