BOISE -- Up and coming entrepreneurs are learning business skills through a unique Treasure Valley competition.

It's called b|launched and winners get funding to start a new business or product.

Paul Kersey is gearing up for the fast-paced crash course that started a few weeks ago.

It sounded really exciting, he said of the competition, which is in its third year and is hosted by the Boise Young Professionals.

If you have an interest of being an entrepreneur and you want a good place to start, give that a try, the b|launched program is a great place to do it, said past participant and winner Brook Green.

Teams of ten strangers work together to develop a business or product. The catch-- they only have a few months to do it.

It's kind of like going through an MBA program on steroids, said Lisa Bloomquist.

Her team won the competition in 2013 by creating the company Be Free Village. It makes boxes of gluten free food for travelers.

The products are sold in several local hotels and are growing in popularity.

We're actually starting a company. We actually made some money this year, she Bloomquist of the b|launched competition and her company.

Her teammate and business partner Brook Green told us the $50 dollar application fee to take part is more than worth it.

When you're starting a company you're looking at all these risks associated with it and b|launched allows you to do it without leaving your day job, said Green.

Learning entrepreneurship on the side appealed to Paul Kersey. Plus, he will get mentorship from prominent business people in the Treasure Valley by taking part in the competition.

You would never get to meet these people unless you could take an opportunity like this, said Kersey.

Plus, the thought of winning $30,000 in seed money to start a new company has him pumped.

Five teams will present their final business plans to a panel of judges in April.

The competition is open to anyone in their twenties to mid-forties. Along with the application fee, participants are also asked to join the Boise Young Professionals.

For more information on the competition, click here.

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