BOISE -- State inspectors have now drawn samples from all four Jacksons stores where the company has confirmed diesel getting mixed into the unleaded gasoline last weekend.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture Bureau of Weights and Measures did preliminary tests finding the fuel quality is now good at those locations.

State has now tested all gas stations believed to be impacted

On Monday, KTVB first reported the diesel and gasoline issue at the Jacksons Chevron at Locust Grove in Meridian. A mechanic had taken in several damaged cars on Monday that needed $600-800 worth of repairs. All had filled up at that Meridian location, so he called KTVB.

After seeing the initial story in which Jacksons CEO John Jackson said the tank was flushed, state inspectors checked the Meridian location Tuesday morning. The results were that the fuel was clean and quality was satisfactory.

On Tuesday night, after viewers complained of similar issues at other locations, Jacksons confirmed three additional stores were impacted. All three are Shell stations off of Interstate-84: One in Boise on Orchard, one in Nampa on Garrity, and one in Nampa on Northside.

Jackson said in a statement: Jacksons took immediate steps to diagnose and to attempt to remediate the issue. In an abundance of caution, we are now in the process of removing all the affected fuel from those locations.

Inspectors sending samples to Utah for further analysis

After the new stations were confirmed, the Bureau of Weights and Measures Section Manager Kevin Merritt said inspectors went to those three sites on Wednesday morning. Using a portable device, Merritt says all of those fuels tested fine.

Merritt says the bureau is working with Utah's state fuel laboratory to send the samples for further testing that will show if there is any residual contamination in the tanks. Those results could take a couple weeks to get back.

Additionally, Merritt says he will continue working with Jacksons to ensure that the contaminated fuel pumped from the station tanks will not be reintroduced into the general fuel supply in the Treasure Valley. He says the company has assured him it is working on that issue.

Jacksons: 'We can absolutely assure quality fuel to our customers'

Jacksons says the diesel appears to have ended up in the unleaded gasoline tanks due to an error by a delivery truck driver. Jacksons says it can assure customers they have quality fuel in their pumps now, and the company's CEO says they have made changes.

Our investigation surfaced several instances of human errors that led to the issue, and we are changing our policy and procedures to help ensure this doesn't happen again. We take concerns about the quality of our fuel very seriously. We are committed to taking care of any and all customers impacted, Jackson said in a statement Tuesday night.

Viewers who have reported car problems have told KTVB they filled up at those locations on Sunday. An unknown number of drivers have had car issues requiring expensive repairs. Jacksons says it is taking care of the bills, and a number of customers have reported to KTVB that their bills have been paid.

If you believe you had an issue connected to this, Jacksons says you can call its headquarters at 208-888-6061.

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