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EAGLE -- The man planning to build a snow hill and terrain park in the Ada-Eagle Sports Complex is now building another, separate park in Eagle. Ryan Neptune and Gateway Parks have started construction on a new snow park in Eagle Island State Park.

About a month ago, Ryan Neptune came to those at Eagle Island State Park with an idea for a snow park, and this week they started work.

It's a one-year lease with Ryan, said Eagle Island State Park manager, Gary Shelley. It's kind of an experiment. If it all goes well, then we'll consider it again next year, but I say let him try.

Neptune and Gateway Parks will use the backside of the water slide hill to create the bunny hill which will feature tubing, berms, jumps, two runs, and a magic carpet lift. Eagle Island will get the $5.00 park entrance fee and 5 percent of anything Neptune charges.

I think it's a great benefit to the park and the people of the valley as another place to get people outside during this time of year and provide them another means of recreation, and this is a great location for it, Shelley said.

Neptune told KTVB this is not supposed to supersede his plans at the Ada-Eagle Sports Park, but will be complimentary.

We don't have any intention of making it similar in any way, but it is a way for us to mitigate the delays that we have with the Eagle Sports Park, said Neptune.

Neptune also said he has nothing to prove to his doubters by doing this park.

I couldn't care less about the people in the valley that think that it's a crazy idea, or there's some doubt, he said. We're not in the position to prove to anyone.

In the mean time, plans are still on hold for the park on Horseshoe Bend Road, as the City of Eagle and the Ada County Commission stand at odds. The Eagle City Council and Ada County Commissioner had another meeting Thursday, and ruled out the idea of the City buying the property off Horseshoe Bend Road, but are now they are looking at a variety of other options.

We're just waiting on the sidelines to see what they come up with, but it's not stopping us from creating other venues around the world and other venues within this valley, specifically in Eagle, said Neptune.

Neptune is not sure when the park will open, as some of the construction equipment is still on its way to Idaho, but hopes to have the park running as soon as possible.

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