KUNA -- A community is mourning the loss of one of their own, a sixth grader who died after a bus crash Thursday morning.

Thursday was a very trying day for Kuna Schools and their community, as faculty, parents, and students were shaken over the death of one student, and what happened on the way to school. Some left stuffed animals, candles, and balloons at the intersection where the crash took place---a makeshift memorial for those on the bus.

Classes were held as normal at Crimson Point Elementary, but the day was anything but normal after a fatal bus crash sent four students to the hospital and killed another classmate.

Well we're in class and our teachers would come into the classroom, they would get pulled out of the classroom and they would come in and they would be crying, said Crimson Point sixth grader Dominik Downing. I just was sad. I didn't know what to do, he was one of my best friends, and I didn't know what to do really.

Dominik Downing said no one knew what to do when they found out that it was Daniel Cook died after the crash.

So we closed our third block, and just kind of sat around and cried and everybody talked, Downing said. All of us were bummed and we just all cried in the library.

It was an emotional day for students and faculty.

We've had a tragedy earlier in the year with our football player, and we've had some other hard things that people have gone through, so it's been tough, said Kuna Schools Superintendent Wendy Johnson.

Johnson said counselors and social workers from Kuna Schools and schools across the Treasure Valley have offered to help.

We are going to have support available to our students, to their families, to our staff as long as it takes, said Johnson. Things like this don t get over in a day. It takes time and lots of support, so the nice thing is we know we can go to other people, other districts, our community and they will help us

When asked if Dominik feels safe on the bus. He said the accident doesn't make him feel less safe, and he said he likes riding the bus. Kuna Schools will have extra adults on the buses Friday morning and afternoon.

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