NAMPA -- There will soon a safe shelter for women and children in Nampa.

The Boise Rescue Mission finalized a deal Friday to buy a facility to house 60 women and children in need.

It will be the only shelter of its kind in Nampa and will help fill a desperate need throughout Canyon County.

The Boise Rescue Mission wasn't planning on buying this building just off Midland Boulevard.

It was formerly the Valley Crisis Center, which closed a few months ago.

Just as the Rescue Mission learned of the opportunity, came an anonymous donation of $250,000, which happened to be the price for this shelter.

The next room down the hall is a small playroom for the children, they'll have a few toys and things in there, said Rev. Bill Roscoe.

Roscoe walked us through what will soon be the Valley Women and Children's Shelter.

We have a very good commercial kitchen, it's well equipped, he said.

Roscoe tells us the building came as a blessing, since it was already used as a shelter and came full of all the appliances and furnishings needed, even beds, and all the extras needed for those in need.

As you can see there is still some clothing in here, said Roscoe.

Roscoe says when this facility closed in September they knew a huge need opened in the community since it was the only shelter for women and children in Nampa.

The other shelters in the valley are full, the other shelters here in Nampa, Caldwell, have waiting lists longer than they've ever seen before, so we really think that people will care, will support us, and we will be able to serve a lot of people here, said Roscoe.

The project comes at a hard financial time since the Rescue Mission is already renovating another nearby shelter for men on 16th Avenue. And they will need about $1 million a year to operate both locations.

It's a little challenging to face this right now, we're a little nervous about how we are going to pull this all together, said Roscoe.

But Roscoe says they have faith that the money will come in, and women and children in the area will have the home they need.

We really believe this is an answer to prayer, and we really believe this community will support our efforts here to help women and kids, said Roscoe.

They are hoping to have this building up and running just as soon as they can.

They want to make sure they have enough funds available to operate with 12 people on staff full time.

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