BOISE-- Mike Butts was just nine-years old when a family friend took him to downtown Dallas to catch a glimpse of President John F. Kennedy.

He'll never forget the startling images he saw that day.

For me, November 22,1963 is indelible, said Mike Butts who moved to Idaho more than a decade ago.

Butts was in the fourth grade when JFK visited Dallas.

We immediately knew something was horribly wrong, said Butts. We didn't see Kennedy, but we saw his limousine, his open-air limousine rush past where we were standing.

There's one detail that particularly stands out.

The thing that I remember is this pink flash, which was Jackie Kennedy's suit, he said.

No one along that part of the motorcade route knew at the time, but President Kennedy had been fatally shot moments earlier in Dealey Plaza. He was being rushed to the hospital.

I can remember a woman crying by the side of the road, added Butts.

After returning to school, the Dallas native can still remember when he heard the news that Kennedy had been killed. His principal made an announcement over the intercom.

I have this memory of my head being down and my leg twitching in response to that announcement, said Butts.

At nine-years-old, Butts told us he could understand the importance of what had happened. He could feel the uncertainty and the chaos.

If the President of the United States can be killed, shot down in broad daylight you know, who is safe? said Butts.

After the shooting, he said the city of Dallas changed.

It was a huge black eye for Dallas, added Butts.

Mike Butts has been back to visit the spot where JFK was shot and killed. He said 50 years later, he still thinks about the vulnerability of the President and about what would happen if there was another assassination attempt.

It's something that I'll remember as long as I have the brain capacity to remember it, said Butts.

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