BOISE-- Boise police are training some of the department's newest officers to help stop crime, but these officers aren't like most on the force.

Meet Rocky and Jardo, the department's newest K-9 officers.

They help keep us safe by apprehending people if they need to, said K-9 Officer Randy Arthur.

Both of the police dogs are Belgian Malinois.

K-9 Officer Shane Williams works with Jardo. The dog came to Boise all the way from Holland.

He's trained to track dangerous suspects. He's trained to apprehend suspects. He's also trained in sniffing out drugs, said Williams.

Paying for the dogs isn't cheap. One can cost thousands of dollars, but the Boise Police Department funds the program because a K-9's abilities can make a big difference.

Their nose works some say 10,000 times better than ours, said officer Williams.

To show just how valuable that nose can be, officers hid some heroin in a floor panel at the department. It didn't take long for Rocky to sniff it out.

K-9 officers told us working with a police dog is a big responsibility.

You get out of it what you put into it, said Arthur.

Most of the time you're the only dog in town so it gives you that feeling of being needed, added Williams.

The bond between the two partners isn't just built on patrol.

He gets along great with my wife and daughter and he's just part of the family, said Williams.

While the work can be challenging, Boise police officers told us it is just more motivation to get the job done.

He really likes going to work, said Williams of his police dog.

The Boise Police Department has about a dozen police dogs in its K-9 unit. Some of them are trained in drug detection and catching bad guys.

Others sniff out explosives with their handlers at the Boise Airport.

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