NAMPA -- A father now has justice for his daughter, murdered 17 years ago.

John Greene lives in Nampa, and just returned from Colorado, where the trial for his daughter's death lasted three weeks.

It's late, it's real late, so it comes very bittersweet but it's justice, said Greene.

His oldest daughter, Kimberly Greene-Medina, went missing back in 1996.

Her husband, Mike Medina, was convicted of her murder last week. Now, Greene finally has some relief, after nearly two decades.

On Tuesday, he shared the story of her disappearance, her cold case, and the fight for justice with KTVB.


The Green family spent several years in Idaho when Kimberly was growing up.

She played volleyball for Meridian Middle School in 9th grade.

Her family later moved to Colorado, where she met her husband, Mike Medina.

They couple married when she was just 15-years-old and had two daughters.

Her family didn't know at the time, but police had been called out to their home for reports of domestic violence against Medina.

Then, in 1996 -- Kimberly disappeared and was never found.

A year later, her father moved back to Idaho.

From his home in Nampa, he kept pushing for answers in her disappearance.


Her father says he knew all along that her husband had taken her life.

It isn't fair that there should be such a thing as a cold case when you as a father know your child has been murdered they need to do something, said Greene.

Then, years later, Medina killed his young son with another woman.

In the hearing, came testimony that he had also killed Kimberly, including graphic details about beating her with a baseball bat, then burying her alive.

After he was done he said he got down on the ground and he could hear her breathing when he walked away, gurgling and that's not the way you want to think of your daughter, said Greene.

Then, after three weeks of testimony, Greene was there as a jury convicted the man responsible for his daughter's death.

In my heart I know she's happy, I don't where that comes from but you just feel it inside, she's happy, said Greene.

Her father says their entire family is relieved -- including the two daughters, now grown, who never got to know their mother.

I got to see witness after witness tell the truth, at the right time and the right place and with that there was a miracle and he was convicted and praise God he's never going to get out and hurt anyone again, said Greene.


Greene hopes the story of his oldest daughter helps the thousands of other families who have lost someone, but never learned why.

I just hope that by me winning this case other people know that they don't have to give up, said Greene.

Greene says he has forgiven Mike Medina.

Medina was already serving time for the murder of his son.

He was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Kimberly.

Greene hopes someday the family learns where Kimberly's remains are located.

He says this was the second case in Colorado, where a murderer was convicted without a body.

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