ASOTIN COUNTY, Wash. -- A tip came from two fishermen who believed they nearly reeled in a body from the Snake River.

The Spokane County Sheriff s Office dive team is helping with the search in an area west of Clarkston. Six deputies and a sergeant from Spokane made the trip down to help.

Authorities have declined to comment whether the search may be for the body of Rachael Anderson.

The Clarkston woman was last seen in April 2010. Her estranged husband, Charles Capone, and another man are scheduled to go to trial in 2014 for her murder.

Many have speculated that the river search is tied to the murder of Anderson. Officials are not ready to confirm that under advice from the Latah County Prosecutor.

The fisherman said they came across what they believed to be a gruesome discovery.

They kept snagging something on the bottom. They used their anchor to try and figure out what it was. They were able to snag with their anchor, but when they brought it up to the surface, it broke loose, said Captain Dan Hally with the Asotin County Sheriff s Office.

The men were never able to get a good look at their find but reported to law enforcement that they suspected it was a body.

They indicated there could have been some tarp around it. Maybe some cable, or barb wire, said Hally

Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch was not able to confirm that the search is related to the Anderson case. He said his detectives are working close with officials in Asotin County.

Captain Hally said it could be related to a number of missing person s cases. He said they will keep going until there is not a stone left unturned.

We want to make sure based on the credible information these individuals provided, that we do everything we can to locate someone that may be in the river. Really we'll suspend the search if we locate something that matches the description or we've exhausted all our resources, said Hally.

The search will resume on Wednesday. Spokane County Deputies were in the water all day Tuesday looking.

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