BOISE The fight between Boise Rep. Mark Patterson and Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney appears to be escalating.

Patterson is turning to the radio airwaves to tell his story and speak out against Raney who recently filed an ethics complaint against the state lawmaker.

Patterson claims that Raney was upset with him following a bill about gun control from the last legislative session and went so far as to have his concealed weapons permit revoked.

Patterson, who represents West Boise's Legislative District 15, says he's being attacked by the media and sheriff for his efforts as a lawmaker.

The ethics complaint came in an email dated October 31, 2013.

Raney emailed House Speaker Scott Bedke to formally file an ethics complaint against Patterson and fellow lawmaker Rep. Judy Boyle, a Republican from Midvale.

Raney claims the two used the Attorney General's Office to seek guidance for Patterson's legal defense regarding his concealed weapons permit being revoked.

In Idaho, lawmakers can approach the AG for legal advice relating to their duties as lawmakers, but seeking personal legal advice is a violation of the Idaho Ethics in Government Act.

As details and facts continue to come out piecemeal, Patterson agreed to an interview with KIDO's Kevin Miller to talk about everything from the concealed weapons permit to his past.

That past, which led to Raney revoking the weapons permit, includes a guilty plea from nearly 40 years ago to a withheld judgment on an assault with the intent to commit rape in Florida.

Here's a small portion of Patterson's interview with Miller:

I'd like to say something directly to Sheriff Raney, because I know you're listening to this. The spotlight that you and your friends in the media have put on me will be put on you as things move forward. The facts will be revealed and the public will be, and the public will be allowed, Idaho's residents, to make a fully informed opinion of what the truth really is, said Patterson.

Raney declined our request for an on-camera interview, but he did give us this statement:

The actions by the Sheriff's Office followed the law and were ethical and honest. Any suggestion otherwise is false, said Raney.

We tried several times to contact Patterson Friday, including trying to talk to him after his taped interview with KIDO, but he avoided us, only to email us saying he has no comment.

We also reached out to Speaker Bedke to get his response to Raney's email, but at this point we have not heard back.

The interview that KIDO's Kevin Miller did with Patterson will air Monday morning.

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