BOISE -- Some Boise High School students helped clean up an area near the Greenbelt and Boise River today.

Boise High's AP environmental science class, the City of Boise Public Works and Land Trust of the Treasure Valley all worked together on the project.

Their goal is to clear an area north of the West Boise Wastewater Treatment Plant on Joplin Road by removing weeds and replacing them with native habitat that is much better for wildlife.

We learned about how plants get overcrowded in the wilderness by invasive species. The one here is false indigo, and by coming out here, taking it out is a real world application of what we have been learning, which is really cool and you don t get to do in most classes, said Sumner Pitt,a junior at Boise High School.

Once the invasive species is removed, cottonwood and other trees will be planted.

The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley works to conserve nature close to home for current and future generations.

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