BOISE -- One of Idaho's most widely played lottery Draw Games, Mega Millions, gets a major update, effective Tuesday.

The changes will make it easier to win a prize, increase the second-level prize, increase the starting level jackpot and create more million dollar winners. The price of the game remains one dollar per play and two dollars for a ticket that includes the Megaplier option.

One of the significant changes to the game isthe reduction of Mega Balls from 46 down to 15. To balance this, the game will add white numbers, so that a player will select five numbers from a pool of 75. The overall odds of winning any prize are one in 14.71. The overall odds of winning the jackpot are now one in 258.9 million.

Once a jackpot is won, the new starting amount will begin at $15 million and increase by a minimum of $5 million each draw until it is won.

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