BOISE -- If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then an Ontario father is showing that his love for his darling little daughter is immense.

It's a story you can definitely take at face value, and when there's a face as cute as 4-week-old Macy Wheeler's, you just gotta take a picture of it.

That's certainly how her dad Eddie Wheeler feels.

We've been putting pictures up ever since she was born on Facebook, said Eddie Wheeler.

And when a face as cute as Macy's face makes a bunch of funny faces, you just gotta join in.

That's certainly how her dad felt. Just thought it would be a funny idea.

Which lead to a cascade of copycat close-ups of dad imitating daughter.

We just copy her as quick as we can and snap a picture, said Eddie Wheeler.

We're just, you know being ourselves and taking funny pictures and sharing them, said Macy's mom, Robin Wheeler.

This week Eddie Wheeler posted them on Facebook and the website Reddit, then the popular site somehow found them and posted them and they went viral... and fast.

Went to sleep that night and woke up and it was on the front page and all over the place, said Eddie Wheeler.

The photos had about a half-million views after a day and a half.

We didn't really expect it to be anything this big at all, but a lot of people enjoy it I guess, said Robin Wheeler.

If it brings a smile to people's faces and makes their day brighter then we did our job, said Eddie Wheeler.

And how could that not happen, when there's a face as cute as 4-week-old Macy Wheeler's.

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