BOISE -- This past July, Mirika Bideganeta's life changed forever. Boise Police said Mirika was riding on a scooter with 22-year-old Thomas MacFarlane when they crashed.

They also said MacFarlane carried Mirika two blocks from the crash site before leaving her on a driveway, bleeding profusely from the head.

Since then, she has started the recovery process. She still has more surgery and therapy left, while raising her three sons as a single mother.

On Saturday, a Boise runner came to help out Bideganeta by running non-stop from Twin Falls to Boise to raise money. The run started Friday at about 5 a.m. and ended Saturday at noon.

I love to run and so I offered to do a fund raising run and the first thing that popped into mind for whatever reason was Twin Falls to Boise, said ultra-runner Jayk Reynolds.

Reynolds met Mirika about two weeks ago through a mutual friend.

It's an amazing story that she's doing so well, and so I wanted to do what I could to help her and I wanted to make it something to where I had to hurt a little bit, said Reynolds. The pain that I'm dealing with is kind of self-induced and it's nothing compared to what she's went through.

Dennis Ahern lives across the street from the home where she was found. When he heard about his friend and fellow ultra-runner Jayk Reynolds' fundraiser, he felt compelled to participate.

It was pretty emotional to see her for me, said Ahern. I felt a real connection to her because this happened in my neighborhood where I've lived for 22 years.

Sandy Bideganeta, Mirika's mom, said events like this show the support of the community. She said she cannot thank everyone who has supported them enough.

It's going to be a long time down the road before she is even semi-whole, said Sandy Bideganeta. But with the people that are supporting her and everything, it helps and it helps make it better.

Mirika also reunited Saturday with Maggie, the dog who found her the day of the accident.

I think if we have an opportunity to, we should all try to make a difference to people, said Reynolds.

If you would like to help out, visit their website or go to an Idaho Central Credit Union and give to Miracles for Mirika.

Thomas MacFarlane, the man charged with leaving the scene of an accident for allegedly leaving Bideganeta in that driveway, has pleaded not guilty. His trial is set to begin on November 4th.

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