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BOISE -- The man authorities say attempted to escape from a private security team Thursday night also tried to use a knife to stop a passing car.

Rodney Seiber was originally wanted in Canyon County for robbery, possession, and eluding charges. Police say Seiber stole a van at knifepoint on September 18. During a police pursuit, he crashed the van into a car at the intersection of Middleton Road and Fitzwilliam Street, and then ran into a corn field.

Police tracked him down in Montana on September 25. While on the loose, police say he had stolen a 4-wheeler and drove it off a ravine before running on foot again. They located Seiber in an outbuilding at a Hardin, Montana area farm, and say that he was found tired and ready to give up.

Authorities say that he escaped while being brought back to Idaho.

They say it happened when the security team he was riding with stopped at a truck stop near I-84 for gas and to use the restroom.

That's when police say Seiber ran off while still shackled and handcuffed.

He crossed over the highway and attempted to stop a vehicle brandishing a knife at the woman inside the vehicle. She did not stop. The defendant was soon after located in a nearby field, said an Ada County deputy prosecutor at Seiber's court appearance.

Seiber was arraigned Friday on escape charges. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Seiber has a long criminal history that includes theft, battery and assault charges. He has warrants in Ada and Canyon counties. Officials say he is a suspect in numerous vehicle and property theft cases.

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