PONDERAY, Idaho.--The Lake Pend Oreille School District held a meeting Tuesday night to discuss arming its teachers.

The purpose of the meeting was to take public comment on the proposal.

We've had quite a bit of reaction, said Steve Youngdahl, the School District Board Chairman. Obviously, it's an emotional discussion and we've had a lot on both sides.

One teacher from Sandpoint High School spoke against arming teachers. He mentioned an instance when he encountered a student that had a hunting rifle. The teacher said the student was with a parent, but the teacher was worried what his initial reaction would have been if he had a gun.

Another man speaking at the forum felt differently.

What happened in Newtown never should have happened, because staff, administration should be armed accordingly, he said.

A person speaking against the proposal said the community is too small for the teachers that are armed to remain anonymous. A school nurse also spoke against arming teachers.

A student from Clark Fork spoke in favor of the proposal. She said she grew up in Colorado and she cited the Columbine tragedy.

An hour into the meeting, the room was about 50/50 in terms of those for and against the proposal. There was no set timetable for when the school board would draft or even vote on a plan.

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