BOISE -- You may remember the story of Mirika Bideganeta. She's a woman who police say was in a scooter crash and then dumped in a driveway back in July.

She had a serious head injury, and just after the accident, Bideganeta was making small, but significant progress. She was doing things like being able to open an eye and swallow, and now she's up and out of the hospital.

Bideganeta still has a long recovery ahead of her. She still needs a metal plate put in her head, and goes to physical and speech therapy 2-3 hours-a-day. She's a mother of three, but can't go back to work, yet.

So, her friend Ryan Sigman devised a fundraiser called 'Running For a Miracle.' His friend, Jayk Reynolds will run 130 miles non-stop from Twin Falls to Boise next weekend. He'll take pledges to raise money for Mirika, who he says, is an inspiration.

She's just an amazing spirit, said Reynolds. You can see the light in her eye, and she's happy to be upright, let alone doing as well as she is. It kind of gave me a little tingle thinking about it.

The run starts at the College of Southern Idaho next Friday at 4 a.m. Reynolds expects to finish around noon on Saturday at Bronco Stadium. If you want to make a pledge, click here.

Meanwhile, Thomas MacFarlane, the man charged with leaving the scene of an accident for allegedly leaving Bideganeta in that driveway, has pleaded not guilty. His trial is set for November 4.

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