KUNA-- Firefighters say a family's garage was destroyed by flames early Thursday morning.The fire was reported in a neighborhood near 10 Mile Road and Deer Flat Road around 4 a.m.

Firefighters were able to save the family's home, and rescue several pets.

Cindi Robinson tells KTVBthat she and her husband woke up to a smoke alarm going off, looked into the garage, and found smoke and flames.

She and her husband immediately left the home with their dog, but had to leave other pets behind, including a guinea pig, a pet bird named Molly, and a pet rabbit named Pinkie.

She suspects a heater in the garage started the fire.

We had turned our heater on the first time about and hour-and-a-half before the fire started, Robinson said.

The Kuna woman thanked the firefighters who were able to save Pinkie and Molly.

We're more thankful than you'll ever know, she told KTVB.

Pinkie the flop-eared bunny

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