Boise Police believe two 19-year-olds arrested Thursday evening are responsible for at least six burglaries in the Boise area in the last month.

Canyon S. Lund and Brandyn L. Thompson, both of Boise, were booked into the Ada County Jail on Thursday. Officers say they arrested the pair after Lund and Thompson left a pawn shop after attempting to sell items reported as stolen.

The duo is suspected in the daytime burglaries of at least six homes, with the first being on August 21 and the most recent being on September 16.

Lynn Hightower with the Boise Police Department says Thompson and Lund would go through neighborhoods looking for homes where the owners were gone.

Hightower thinks the teens entered the homes through unlocked doors or dog doors, but in some cases did force windows and doors open to enter.

The bottom line is they found their way into these homes pretty easily with either one swift kick or unlocked door or a doggy door, said Lynn Hightower.

She says large amounts of jewelry, cash, and small electronics are among the items reported stolen.

Don Anderson is one of those homeowners who had his home broken into.

He was in California when he got a call last Saturday informing him that his home was broken into.

I think powerless is probably a good word that comes to mind for me, said Anderson.

Anderson says his home was trashed. There was no sign of forced entry - but he did find several things stolen including musical instruments, sterling silver and electronics.

Just knowing that somebody has been through your home is an uncomfortable feeling, but also I think it kind of helps to know, for whatever reason, knowing now who exactly has been in your home, it kind of helps, said Anderson.

What also helps are the steps he's taken to make sure he's protected in the future.

As soon as I came home, the very day I came home, I got online, did some research and ordered a security system, said Anderson.

As for the stolen items - police have been able to recover some of them and will work to return them to their owners.

Lund and Thompson are charged with multiple felony burglary and felony grand theft charges in connection with the crimes.

Thompson was previously charged with burglary in a copper wire theft reported in May.

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Officers say a neighbor who reported a suspicious vehicle seen parked near of the burglaries helped break the case.

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