ELMORE COUNTY -- Heavy rain Friday in Elmore County is causing problems in the Pony Complex and Elk Complex fire burn areas.

After a fire, forest experts say the land is more susceptible to landslides and rock slides. A large landslide is blocking Anderson Ranch Dam Road, about a mile downriver of the dam. Mud, boulders, and even parts of trees are covering what once was part of the road.

KTVB crossed paths with a man trying to get from Mountain Home to Prairie. He had to take another route when he ran into the slide, one of several slides that dispatch and locals told us about in the area.

Two anglers also got stuck at the slide.

We had been planning to fish the south fork of the Boise, it's one of our favorite rivers, said John Schelling, from Orinda, California. And we heard about the fire and we were curious.

Schelling and his friend Craig from North Carolina were looking forward to hitting one of Schelling's favorite fishing spots.

For the last ten years I've fished this every spring and every fall, he said. It's one of the great rivers in the lower 48. It's going to take a little while to get it back into shape.

Schelling said the water looked darker than in the past, and was worried fishing at that spot won't be what he remembers.

This devastation is beyond anything we imagined, he said. It's just incredible. I'm afraid it will impact the fishing for a long time.

Officials could not tell us when those areas would be cleared and reopened.

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