BOISE -- A Boise man faces three felony grand theft and burglary charges for taking a valuable mountain bike for a test ride and never coming back.

Police said 31-year-old Jedediah Fronton took a $3,000 bike from Idaho Mountain Touring for a test ride and never returned.

Officers used information to get a search warrant for Fronton's home where they found and arrested him.

Police did not find or recover the bike, but are following up on evidence that shows Fronton may be involved in two other bike thefts this month, with similar circumstances. They believe he sold the bikes straight away for cash.

Boise Police Spokeswoman Lynn Hightower told KTVB there is also evidence that shows Fronton may not have gone straight home from Idaho Mountain Touring on Tuesday, and may have sold the bike before police found him at his house.

Police will now follow the trail of purchasing to try and recover all three bikes.

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