CALDWELL -- A Caldwell man was sentenced up to 15 years in prison for the felony of transfer of body fluid which may contain the HIV virus, as well as for a probation violation for indecent exposure.

County prosecutors said the sentence is a combination plea deal for 52-year-old Roland Rivera. Five of Rivera's 15 years in prison are fixed.

Prosecutors said the HIV crimes happened back in 2011, when Rivera had sex with two different women without telling them he was HIV positive, and without using a condom.

According to prosecutors, one victim described in court that she felt Rivera played Russian Roulette with her life.

Rivera then told the court, I m sorry I inflicted another person's life over this; it was not intentional. It is a fear I live with as well.

As part of his prison sentence, Rivera was ordered to have no contact with either of the victims.

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