MERIDIAN -- The 58-year-old victim of a brutal beating is speaking out about the attack.

He was one of many victims last Wednesday, when Meridian Police say a man, who was high on drugs, went on a wild rampage.

Mike Rice has been working construction for 40 years.

But last Wednesday while on the job, we went through something he would never have imagined.

He was putting in a sewer line on 8th Street, when out of nowhere, he was attacked.

On Monday, we sat down with him in his Meridian home, just a few days after he was released from the hospital.

Didn't see anything coming or hear any indication of foul play or anything at all whatsoever and all of a sudden lights out, said Rice.

The pictures from the hospital show the terrible trauma Rice went through.

He blacked out at the scene and says he woke up to staggering pain in his back and ribs, not knowing who assaulted him or why.

Then, Rice tells us he learned that he was just one victim of many.

It's just amazing that things like this happen, it's truly unimaginable, that someone would even consider doing such a thing as this, said Rice.

Rice says he's not sure how long it will take for him to recover, but says each day he can't work, is hard.

Working is my livelihood so obviously when I'm out of work it's not good, said Rice.

Meridian Police say 23-year-old Sean Carnell was high on drugs when he went on a rampage.

Police tell us he attacked several people along a 1.5 mile stretch.

His victims include a 15-year-old boy, a man in a wheelchair, and Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade who was riding his bike at the time.

Cade was also recently released from the hospital.

He is now recovering from severe facial injuries, a broken rib, a broken collar bone, and a fractured shoulder blade.

Carnell now face eight charges, including six felonies.

He is being held on a $1 million bond and is due back in court on September 5.

There has been a fund set up to help Rice and his family. If you would like to donate, you can go to any Wells Fargo branch and give to the Mike Rice Fund.

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