EAGLE -- As students at North Star Charter School returned to class Thursday, school officials learned that they will keep their charter for the 2013-14 school year.

The Meridian School District and the cash-strapped school reached an agreement at a special board meeting Thursday morning.

The district announced in June that they would revoke the school's charter if school officials could not prove financial stability for the coming school year.

At the time, teachers, parents, and students told KTVB that they would fight to keep the school open.

Last month, the State Board of Education told the school that their charter was still valid, but North Star would have to prove to the district that they could become financially sustainable long-term.

During Thursday's meeting, the district approved the school's charter for the 2013-14 school year after determining that the school was fiscally sound for the year. According to Meridian School District superintendent Linda Clark, board members wanted to make sure that the school wouldn't run into financial issues mid-way through the school year, forcing students to go elsewhere.

North Star's board chairman, Jim Miller, tells KTVB that the school worked to alleviate the district's concerns over the school's finances.

Both Miller and Clark said a plan is in place to come up with a agreement between the district and the school that would allow the school to become independent of the Meridian School District.

We're going work together to create a long-term deal that will keep us open, Miller said.

Miller said a sense of excitement swept through the school after the agreement was announced. He said student, parents, and staff have been very supportive during a tough time.

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