MIDDLETON -- The mayor of Middleton had a close call Tuesday morning after suffering an allergic reaction and blacking out in his car.

Mayor Darin Taylor told KTVB that he ate some leftover shrimp linguine for breakfast around 7 a.m. and then went to his law office. After a brief appointment, he began feeling ill and decided to go a nearby Terry Reilly medical clinic for treatment.

The 47-year-old says his palms began tingling and his head hurt, similar to symptoms he experienced two years ago when he was hospitalized for an allergic reaction to seafood.

As he began driving to the clinic he lost consciousness and his car ended up by the mill slough, a waterway near city hall and the fire station. Middleton firefighters quickly rushed to the scene and the mayor was taken by ambulance to St. Luke's Nampa. During the ambulance ride Taylor says he began vomiting, which helped him feel better.

At the hospital he was given some fluids and anti-nausea medicine. He was released around 11:30 a.m. and returned to work. Taylor said he won't be having seafood for dinner tonight.

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