BOISE -- A Boise Police officer has been cited for causing a crash at a downtown Boise intersection.

Garden City Police were assigned to investigate the crash that occurred on the morning of July 9.

Officer Nicolas Ellis was southbound in the northbound-only lanes of traffic on 13th Street when he collided with a SUV driven by Robert McCarthy of Boise.

The officer was responding to an emergency call with his lights and siren activated.

Although Officer Ellis was responding to an emergency call with his emergency equipment (lights and siren) activated, he was obligated to yield to passing a motorist who had the right-of-way and was already in the intersection, Garden City Police Chief James Bensley said in a statement.

Robert McCarthy and his wife, Fredrikka, sustained minor injuries in the crash. They were treated at a Boise hospital and released. Ellis was also hurt and treated and released from a local hospital.

Ellis was issued a citation for failing to stop when traffic is obstructed. As with any member of the public who is issued a traffic citation, the officer can contest it in court or plead guilty and pay a fixed fine of $90.

Boise Police's Office of Internal Affairs will continue their investigation to determine if policies, training and procedure were followed by the officer.

If there was a violation of policy, the officer is subject to disciplinary action by the department.

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