EMMETT Business owners in Emmett are frustrated over a string of burglaries that are costing them a lot of money. In the past month there have been 10 businesses burglarized, all in the same fashion.

At this point, police and businesses owners believe the motive is cash.

Whoever is doing this is breaking windows looking for any and all money, and then they're gone.

At Emmett Valley Glass, business has really picked up in the last month because of these crimes.

I'm getting probably five or six calls a week to do board ups and quote for repairs, said Elvador Anderson who owns the company.

Anderson has been the person business owners call after they find out they were burglarized.

We've got people breaking into several of our businesses around the area and doing lots of damage to the windows and doors, said Anderson.

Just down the road a few hundred yards from his shop is Main Street Books. It was burglarized in early July.

They broke this window, reached in and unlocked my deadbolt, said Anita Hendrix who owns Main Street Books.

Hendrix took the crime personally until she found out her neighbor was broken into, followed by several more businesses in town.

Oh yeah, very upset, yeah, because they're breaking into all of our businesses in town and no one is caught, said Shellie Canaday.

Shellie Canaday owns My Video Store, one of those businesses victimized by the criminals.

They're taking a rock and they're breaking our windows, which these windows are four to five-hundred dollar windows, and they're coming in and they're after cash, said Canaday.

In some cases, the burglars are getting away with large amounts of money. In others, the cost to repair the damage is more than what the criminals stole.

Two dollars in quarters is all they got from me, said Canaday. I'm thankful they didn't do damage and I'm thankful they didn't steal me blind, you know, but it's frustrating that I've got to pay for that window and it's not cheap, and it's frustrating because this is my business that somebody came into.

In all, 10 businesses have been broken into in Emmett in the past month, and most times Anderson is there to help as best he can.

I like business, but this is the wrong way to go about getting it, said Anderson.

The most recent crime happened over the weekend, another smash and grab, happening in the early morning hours. Because each crime is similar in nature police believe the same people are behind them.

Police have leads in this case, but have made no arrests at this point.

The Emmett police chief has reached out to the Chamber of Commerce in Emmett to help get the word out to businesses to make sure their alarm systems are working and cameras turned on when they close at night.

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