MERIDIAN -- Three teenagers are in jail after police say they were caught making bombs.

Officers were contacted at 11:40 Tuesday night, after a couple near the 800 block of Arnaz Street, heard an explosion outside their home. When they went to see what the noise was, they found a water-bottle had exploded in their garage.

Lieutenant Scott Colaianni with the Meridian Police Department says that homeowner was just one of many that called them complaining about explosions, and several owners were sent to the area to investigate.

Colaianni says the explosions came from chemical pressure bombs built and detonated by three teens.

Police began searching for suspects and soon found 18-year-olds Brandon Ehle and Riley Thomas, along with a 17-year-old teen parked illegally on Hitchcock Street near Rocky Mountain High School.

Colaianni says an officer arrested them after finding bomb making materials in plain view.

In all Collaianni says the teens detonated nine bombs, but there's a chance there could be more dangerous bottles in the subdivision that is filled with young kids.

Very dangerous and that's the biggest thing that we drive home is that if you come across one of these things, and they have been detonated or they haven't been detonated, it's important that you don't touch it, don't mess with it, call 911, said Collaianni. Let us come out and dispose of it because although it may seem innocuous to you, these things when they discharge, do cause property damage, and they can injure people.

The teens were were in court Wednesday afternoon and were charged with possessing and detonating a destructive device.

The maximum penalty for detonating one of these devices is life in prison.

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