BOISE When you drive off the Connector into downtown Boise, it s right there in front of you, popping up over a construction fence. JUMP or Jack's Urban Meeting Place is taking shape.

KTVB got a tour Tuesday afternoon to check in on the progress of what will be a huge community gathering place.

The building, really the entire block comes from the question posed by the late J.R. Simplot, Where do we want to go from here and how do we get there? When the project is done, hopefully people can answer that question for themselves.

It's hard hats only at the construction site for Jack's Urban Meeting Place.

Standing on top of a concrete slab that will act as the roof to 500 parking stalls, project superintendent John Beck told KTVB about the reverse double helix.

Which, if you look right over here you can see columns and ramps that are coming up that are part of that structure, said Beck.

On the outside, cars will use it to access the parking garages.

So there will be two ramps that wrap around this thing. It's going to look kind of like a DNA strand, said Beck.

The other big structure that's hard to miss is more parking. In the coming days it is going to get even bigger.

We'll begin to put up towers and shoring that will support the next level of above-grade parking and then even beyond that there'll be another level, which is level five, said Beck.

So far, crews have laid around 14,000 cubic yards of concrete.

And then in a couple of months you'll see the structural steel start, which will form the studios, said Beck.

At that point, we'll start to see what was referred to as tree house structures coming off the double helix.

This is an exciting project for us, all the way through. This is a unique structure, said Beck. It's right up there with some of the best ones we've done.

Despite the harsh winter slowing workers down, Beck says the project is on schedule, something the Simplot family and company like to hear.

It's almost hard to describe in words how exciting this is Scott. It's a dream come true. It's a dream fulfilled that J.R. had, said Simplot spokesperson David Cuoio.

The project is scheduled to be complete sometime in the spring or summer of 2015.

Tuesday also marked the first of several updates on the JUMP Project. It s called Tractor Seat Talk. It's a chance for the public to come down and learn a little more about the project, ask questions and even provide input on how they want to use the facilities.

The tractor talks will happen the last Tuesday of every month at 12:30 p.m. on the corner of 9th and Front streets.

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