BOISE -- A Boise State graduate and father of a two-month-old son is on life support at a military hospital in Texas.

Micah Andersen was caught in the middle of a fire fight and explosion in Afghanistan, and lost both of his legs.

It was his second tour. He was in Afghanistan, south of Kandahar. On June 1 they were in a fire fight, said Justin Andersen, Micah's brother.

Andersen says his older brother suffered severe injuries from his pelvis down.

He lost one leg immediately in the blast below the knee. The other one was severely damage, said Andersen.

Thirty-year-old Micah Andersen had just been promoted to first lieutenant earlier this year. He's one of many in his family to serve our country, to fight for the freedom of others. But Micah is now fighting for his life. Doctors have had to remove his second leg and there have been more complications.

He's one step forward and two steps back, said Andersen. It hasn't been going well. He's back on life support.

Micah is just one of the hundreds of U.S. troops to lose an arm or leg in Afghanistan. According to a 2011 Army Surgeon General report, there were 273 amputations in 2009 and 2010, and of those, 95 were multiple amputations.

Micah's brother fears that Americans are forgetting the sacrifices made in Afghanistan.

They're still fighting. They're still out there, and a lot of people forget, said Andersen.

On the day of Micah's accident, four troops were killed in action in Afghanistan including one in Micah's platoon.

People need to remember and know people are still making sacrifices, said Andersen. They're doing it so that we can live the lives we do one way or another.

Micah did not get to see or meet his newborn son before his accident. He's been too sedated to recognize him now, but Micah's family continues to be by his bedside in Texas.

The Los Alamos American Legion Post 90 and the American Legion Riders Chapter 19 has set up an organization to support the Andersen family to defray the medical expenses for Micah's recovery and rehabilitation not covered by the U.S. Army, Veterans Affairs or other official organizations.

Donations can be made at any branch of the Los Alamos National Bank or by mail at: Los Alamos National Bank, PO Box 60, Los Alamos, NM 87544, by asking for a deposit to be made to the: Micah Jay Andersen Medical Fund.

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