MERIDIAN -- The unique selection of self-defense products marketed by two Meridian mothers recently caught the attention of NBC's Today Show.

Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes are co-founders of the Damsel in Defense line of personal protection products. Both are local moms focused on safety who are also victims of assault.

The duo's unique products was featured Tuesday morning during the 10 a.m. hour of the Today Show on KTVB Idaho's News Channel 7.

Lin and Hughes say their company offers products to equip, empower, and educate women to protect themselves in an emergency.


Damsel in Defense products include stun guns, pepper spray, and other tools to fight potential attackers. The company also offers items to help women and their kids get out of emergencies, including personal alarms and warning signals.

Both Lin and Hughes couldn't believe it when they got a call from NBC's Today's Show asking about Damsel in Defense, and wanting to feature the company's products on Tuesday's show.

A selection of the company's products.

However, while their products will hit the airwaves, Lin and Hughes could not appear in person.

We are proud to represent Idaho -- Meridian, Idaho, said Lin. ... It is exciting to know that we get to represent, and even though we aren't physically there, to know that the product is there representing Idaho is super exciting, said Lin.


In case you were wondering, Damsel in Defense products are sold via home parties by more than 2,600 representatives who often team up with local self-defense instructors.

Lin says some women need a bit of training to overcome the intimidation factor posed by some of their products.

Many women were just intimidated by it, and once they fire off that stun gun and feel that there's no kickback on that, it doesn't hurt them at all, Lin said. They feel empowered by that, and they jump on board really quickly and they are excited to carry it.

Both Lin and Hughes say their best-selling items are pepper spray and stun guns. Damsel in Defense offers both types of products in several designs and colors, including stun guns disguised as lip stick cases and cell phones.

Last month, the National Association of Women Business Owners recognized Lin and Hughes for their success.

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