NAMPA -- The owner of a daycare that caught fire Monday says her business will renovate a critically-damaged building, and plans to reopen June 17th using a second owned building and a rental.

Butterflies and DragonfliesDaycare in Nampa houses children in two separate buildings at its location on 12th AvenueSouth. The daycare is scheduled to reopen next Monday in the building that was not damaged by the fire.

Owner Shauna Stallcup says instead of tearing down the damaged and charred building, she plans on keeping the existing framework and remodeling it.

Stallcup also said the daycare is hoping to rent a third building to use for kids who were previously housed in the burnt facility. She expects to rent it out while the daycare completes the remodel. If the remodel goes as planned, the charred building will reopen in September.

All parents of the 70 or more children that regularly attend the daycare, have been notified of the adjustments and reopening.

The fire in question started around 10:15 p.m. Monday.

Nampa Deputy Fire Chief Doug Strosnider originally believed the subsequent damage would force the building to be leveled due to building code regulations.

Two firefighters were injured while fighting the daycare fire, but now are also back on the job, according to Strosnider.

One of the injured firefighters suffered from shortness of breath and was taken to St. Alphonsus in Nampa for observation. The other firefighter reportedly rolled his ankle, but both are now back to work.

Strosnider says it appears the fire started from outside, and right now investigators are looking at surveillance footage to see if it can provide clues to what sparked the fire.

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