BOISE -- Police want to know who's responsible for a rash of costly vandalism spreading throughout northwest Boise.

They say three separate cases of costly and damaging graffiti have been reported to police in the last three days.

Officers say they've alerted neighborhood watch leaders, and are asking members of the public to report any vandalism they see.

What: black spray painted graffiti

When: between June 1st and 3rd


  1. Pierce Park Greens 5800 N. Pierce Park Lane - Suspect(s) used black spray paint to tag multiple objects causing extensive damage.
  2. 5400 block of N. Citadel Way Suspect(s) spray painted words on vinyl fence.
  3. Boise Parks and Recreation -- Suspect(s) used black spray paint to tag multiple objects located in the Castle Hills Park.

The Boise Police Department also asks nearby residents to keep their outside lights on at night and to remain watchful and wary.

They say anyone who suspects the vandalism is going on should call 911 or police dispatch at 377-6790 (Non-Emergency). Anyone with information on these crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 343-2677 (COPS).

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