BOISE -- The effort to raffle off homes and give the proceeds to the Nampa School District to help get it out of debt has come to an end without the district getting any money.

We told you just last week about a Middleton man's goal of erasing a big portion of the Nampa School District debt, which currently sits around $5.1 million.

Enriching Endowments Inc., a non-profit created by Phil Allaire, had its website up only three days raffling off $100 tickets for the home, before it shut down.

The website shut down on Saturday after Allaire received a letter from the Idaho Lottery Commission telling him that his organization was possibly violating several state and federal laws.

But Allaire says everything was done above board and all their applications to the Lottery were very transparent.

Rather than continually fighting with the Lottery Commission, Allaire decided he would shut down.

I'm done, said Allaire. My family is done. This isn't something I want to argue with everyday. This should have gone very smoothly. We did everything they asked us. We gave them everything they asked us for and what more can we do?

Some of those violations include how Allaire was planning to hold the raffle.

The raffle was over his website, which the state says violates state and federal Internet gambling laws.

The Lottery also says there must be a firm date for the raffle. Allaire's plan was to hold the raffle when all 2,500 tickets were sold.

After going back and forth with the Lottery several times, Allaire says he can t do it anymore.

I'm beyond frustrated, said Allaire. At some point the frustration turns into heartbreak. This is something that was five months in the works. A lot of time, a lot of money went into this and now it's just being thrown out the window. I would have been better off writing a check to the Nampa School District for $20,000 and walking away.

Before the website shut down, 49 people bought tickets for the raffle. Allaire says he is refunding everyone's money. That process should be done in the next 24 hours.

Allaire planned to raise $4.3 million and donate it to the Nampa School District to help pay down their down.

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