BOISE -- Four families have been displaced after a fire scorched a four-plex apartment building on Saturday night.

Boise Fire investigators say the fire, reported at 7:15 p.m., was ignited by a hot-lamp in a snake cage of one of the apartment units.

Authorities say on their way to the fire at 2230 Amy Avenue in southeast Boise, they noticed a column of dark smoke rising from the area and quickly called for a second alarm.

The fire was in the closet of one of the apartments and moved into the attic of the unit. Investigators believe the snake cage's heat lamp ignited the contents of the closet and then continued on.

Fire sprinklers always make a difference. They keep the fire in check...but this one right here, this looks like there was quite a bit in the upstairs, said John Peugh, Boise Fire Battalion Chief.

No one was injured in the fire, including some other residents' pets. However, the snake did not survive.

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