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BOISE -- Could you handle a burger that weighs more than four pounds? Would you try and eat it for charity?

Twenty constructions workers took that challenge on Friday.They participated in the 3rd annual Boise Burger Brawl. The contest was held at the Zion's Bank tower construction site at 8th and Main streets in downtown Boise.

All were construction workers from various businesses who worked on the tower.

The monstrous burgers they brawled with weighed over 4.5 pounds. Prepared by the Piper Pub, the creations are aptly titled The Braveheart and included a list of ingredients sure to result in heartburn.

The giant gastronomic creations included:

  • Three 9-oz beef patties
  • Four types of cheese
  • 10 pieces of bacon
  • ham
  • corned beef
  • finger steak
  • pulled pork
  • macaroni and cheese
  • pickles, lettuce and tomato
  • sourdough roll

The big boy burgers were lowered via crane from the Piper Pub into a crowd of hundreds that came to the event.

Afterward, contestants had exactly 20 minutes to finish the massive creations. Anything left on their plates was weighed, and the winner chosen through a combination of speed and quantity.

The smiling face of champion burger brawler Ron Rodrigues.

2013's Boise Burger Brawl champion was Ron Krusty the Mechanic Rodrigues, who was able to eat everything but the bun in 20 minutes.

The event was sponsored by ESI Construction. That company donated $2,500 dollars to the St. Luke's Children's Hospital here in Boise.

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