BOISE -- The city of Boise is considering a new land purchase in the foothills within the area known as Hillside to Hollow.

The land is just north of Hill Road between North 33rd Street and Bogus Basin Road.

During next Tuesday's Boise City Council meeting, Mayor Dave Bieter and council members are expected to discuss using $1.9 million from the Foothills Levy Fund to buy 260 acres there - land that is now owned by a consortium called Boise Foothills, LLC.

About 230 of the 260 acres will be set aside strictly for trail use and vegetation preservation, said Doug Holloway, Foothills Advisory Committee. We don't know where those trails will go or where the trail heads will be sited at, that plan will be decided through public input and the master plan phase.

The purchase of Hillside to Hollow would leave less than $2 million in the Foothills Levy Fund, which was established after a citywide vote in 2001.

The mayor's office says the remaining funds will be used for the protection of critical wildlife habitat, as well as historic sites and the development of potential trail connections.

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