BOISE -- Local gardeners say they're beginning to see the effects of Idaho's cold, dry winter on plants throughout the Treasure Valley.

Gardening experts tell KTVB that several weeks of inversion and freezing temperatures have been hard on plants and trees. In some cases, that means brown needles and leaves on some trees and plants.

However, there's still a chance that those plants will bounce back.

The friendly folks at Cloverdale Nursery say there are ways you can help your garden in these high stress times.


They say if overnight temperatures dip into the twenties or teens, use a frost cover to protect your plants. Tim Wilson says that is especially important for annuals like pansies and primroses.

He says the reason garden plants are suffering now is because of the long periods of dry, cold air during the last few months.

When we get that cold for that long, it actually dessicates the needles, they just can't take it, so they will come back out, this time of year you will see them brown, so a lot of people think their trees are dead, not necessarily true, says Wilson.


As for when to begin planting your garden, Wilson says the best advice is to be patient.

He says even though we've seen some warm days lately, that doesn't mean it's time to get out the gardening gear.

He says the rule of thumb is normally to wait until Mothers Day to start planting more delicate flowers.

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