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BOISE -- Dozens of folks came out to a dog park in Boise Saturday -- not to walk pets -- but to spectate and play in the annual highland games.

Some participants were very enthusiastic about the Scottish event, and even wore kilts.

Organizers say the event is to benefit the Boise Veteran's Affairs Hospital, and add that disabled veterans are invited to participate.

In addition to traditional Scottish strength tests, the highland games also offered a 5k race.

Chuck McClain with the Scottish American Athletic Association said the event is all about comeraderie.

I sit behind a desk all week long, so to come out on the weekends, and to be able to throw heavy things, and just relax and having a good time...everybody's really friendly... it's a great comraderie, McClain said.

The highland games was free for the public to watch, but $25 dollars to enter.

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