BOISE -- There was quite a scene Saturday afternoon in one Boise neighborhood.

Police intially said one person died when a car crashed into a building, but after more investigation police say it was a suicide.

It happened near the intersection of Hummel and Camas Street, on the Boise Bench, where police say the driver apparently shot themself while behind the wheel.

Their car then went through a yard and fence, and crashed into a storage shed.

Neighbors were shocked and confused when they heard the accident.

When we came out, we saw a car that had gone straight through our neighbors'. It looks like they've gone through their fence and their shed. So, just terrifying. said Susan Jenkins, who lives next door.

Witnesses say the car's wheels continued to spin after the accident, which caused a small fire in the shed, which was quickly extinguished.

Police would like to remind everyone that help is available for people or family members at risk for mental or emotional crisis.

You can find hope and helpful resources by calling the number on your screen, 1-800-273-TALK.

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