CASCADE, Idaho -- There's been an unusual turn of events in Cascade after the town's embattled mayor sent a letter of resignation to a local newspaper Monday.

Cascade Mayor Dick Carter has been accused of sexual harassment and other inappropriate comments. The allegations surfaced last week. However, Carter says the claims are actually 4-years-old and ludicrous.

He also says the comments are another attempt to run him from office over a difference of philosophy in the direction of the city.

A recall effort to remove Carter failed in 2009.

On Monday, Carter submitted a resignation letter to the Star News in McCall, which he assumed would be printed in their weekly Thursday edition. However, the letter was instead released on the Valley County newspaper's web site Tuesday.

Mayor Carter said the letter sparked an outpouring of support from a lot of people urging him to change his mind.

Now, Mayor Carter says he may actually do so, saying ....after what I heard today... I might retract my resignation and fight one more time.

In the meantime, Carter has resigned from his volunteer positions with Kelly's Whitewater Park and the Special Olympics.He says those resignations are meant to shift or take away controversy from those non-profit organizations.

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