BOISE -- A national social media trend is targeting a local high school, and it's known as a Facebook confession page.

Lion Confessions was created Friday.

By Monday night it had grown to 260 likes.

The site allows students from Borah High the chance to anonymously confess about what goes on at school.

There is no way of knowing if the students who are posting anonymously are actually Borah students, but KTVB can confirm there are Borah students liking the page and commenting on posts.

The posts vary, with many of them confessing about having sex or doing drugs. Some give the names of students, while others talk about teachers.

However, some of these posts are even more concerning. A post written Saturday talks about how a student brought a gun to school.

Confession #64:

I snuck a glock into school for a whole day just to see if I'd make it, ended up being the most exciting day of my life.

In another post, a female student said she had an affair with a teacher.

Confession #6:
I slept with one of the male teachers when I went there four years ago. He's still one of everybody's favorites

The confession page is starting to become a national trend. Last week, the Tucson School District had so-called confession Facebook sites shutdown in three of its high schools.

Facebook claims it will remove pages and posts that contain objectionable topics if they are made aware of it. That is how the school district in Tucson made it happen.

KTVB was first to alert the Boise School District Monday morning about the site.

Spokesperson Dan Hollar said the Borah school resource officer had already contacted the site administrator and asked for the page to be taken down.

Hollar also said the Boise Police Department has been made aware of the page.

Monday, KTVB asked students walking out of school for the day, about the page. Most of them didn t even know it existed, but when we showed them the page, all had something to say about it.

I think somebody is getting carried away. I mean I just don t think that stuff should be there, said Borah sophomore Hyrum Hoge.

I think that's terrible. That is not okay at all, said Borah student Damian Miller.

Hollar stressed that the page was in no way affiliated with Borah High School or the Boise School District. A disclaimer sits at the top of the site that says, This page is in no way run by or affiliated with Borah High School.

Hollar also said, they take every credible threat very seriously. If school administration feels there is one, it will be investigated.

The Boise Police Department declined to comment on the Facebook page.

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