BOISE -- St. Luke's Children's Hospital and Boise State University are collaborating in the medical field to improve treatment for children with movement disorders.

The two came together Wednesday to celebrate their Gait Clinic that they've been collaborating on for some time.

The research will help get the right treatment to patients between the ages of 8 and 21 who are experiencing movement disorders.

One example would be cerebral palsy.

They would walk on this platform here, and there's cameras all around that are picking up those sensors and is monitoring that gait, and data goes to computer to allow us to analyze it to improve their balance gait, and if they don't need surgery and avoid it when it's not going to benefit them, said Dr. David Pate, President, St. Luke's Health System.

Both agree this collaboration with Boise State and St. Luke's provides a unique opportunity to enhance treatment.

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