BOISE - The cell phone waiting area at the Boise airport will be moved on January 3, 2013 to make room for new construction of parking stalls.

The waiting area is currently located along the entrance road of the airport. Officials say they'll move the waiting area to the airport's economy lot near Victory Road, alongside I-84 and the Orchard Overpass.

Patrons will be allowed to wait in the area for 20 minutes for free. Drivers must stay with their vehicles while they await a call from their passenger. Those staying longer than 20 minutes will be charged the standard hourly rate of 75 cents per 30 minute interval.

The Garage Expansion Project at Boise Airport will add 770 protected and close-in parking stalls.

The $13 million project will be funded with $11 million in airport revenue bonds and the remainder with airport cash reserves.

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