BOISE -- Mother Nature decided to be kind to Boise s hometown ski hill this year, Bogus Basin. Tuesday, the folks at Bogus Basin announced they plan to open on Friday December 21rst.

The mountain will not open in its entirety, but most of the runs will be open according to Bogus Basin General Manager Alan Moore.

Moore says this opening date is a hair later than when they would normally open to the public, but for the last 15 years, the average opening day has fallen in the month of December.

Except for last year...

Well revenue was down a couple million dollars last year from what we had budgeted, said Moore. That is a tough deal and that is not something we are going to recover from.

If you remember, Bogus Basin ended up losing roughly $2 million from the late opening date of January 19th, one of the latest openings on the books.

The slopes stayed mostly dry and Bogus suffered not only that major financial loss, but they were forced to cut season staff.

It wasn t until the day of the Louder for Powder event that was held on January 18th of 2012 at the Basque Block, that the snow finally fell. That morning, officials with Bogus announced they would open the following day.

Looking back, Moore said the community stayed supportive through it all.

Skiers and boarders we're optimists and we believe it's going to snow, we are going to have a great season and the community is so anxious to be up here, said Moore.

He says the conditions are right on the mountain and many in the ski and snowboard community agree-- its time.

It s absolutely time to start skiing, said Tashi Dodup as he walked out of Greenwoods Ski Haus Tuesday.

Greenwoods has been busy with crowds of people, getting their gear tuned up and ready for the big opening day.

We're totally jazzed, said North End resident Julie Foot. I am so glad that the ski hill is opening.

Down the street at the Bogus Basin offices, there was also a crowd of people getting their ski passes.

Yeah there is a lot of excitement, said Moore.

Moore also tells KTVB the holidays are crucial for business. Bogus Basin can usually make $10 million in profits a year, but missing holidays last year changed that.

Those are hundred-thousand dollar days, said Moore. When it really starts to turn with some great conditions we can have million-dollar weeks.

Although the weather is really out of their hands-- Moore said they will do everything they can to keep last year from repeating itself.

I haven t changed my socks for three weeks, that will make it snow, Moore laughs. Yeah all of us are just a little bit weird in that way, about what we might do to make it snow.

They will try anything, he jokes, even if it means being a little superstitious.

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