BOISE -- For a third straight day, funeral processions continue to roll through a grieving Connecticut town. Three children were laid to rest along with Sandy Hook Teacher Victoria Soto. The 27-year-old teacher has been hailed as a hero for dying while trying to shield her students, some of whom managed to escape.

Wednesday, President Obama asked a team led by Vice President Joe Biden to offer concrete proposals to curb gun violence in the aftermath of this horrific massacre.

That plan might include banning semi-automatic assault rifles and high capacity magazines. In Idaho, gun enthusiasts fear those bans might become reality. That's why they're buying what they can when they can.

Inside the Boise Gun Company, guns and high capacity magazines are flying off the shelves.

We're extremely busy, said Jon Klein, Sales Manager for Boise Gun Company. We're enjoying it. We're selling a lot of guns.

Those I spoke to said they're just about sold out of those high capacity magazines as well as the semi-automatic assault rifles.

I think people want to have the magazines at their disposal, and they want to have their guns, and that's our job to sell them all that stuff, said Klein.

Elroy Madison purchased an AR-15.

I know they're going to change the regulations, said Madison. It's going to happen, and before they get too strict to where citizens can't protect themselves against the people that do have them, because there are gangsters who are still going to have them. The only ones that won't have them are the citizens who are legal and have a license.

He's in favor of talking about having more gun regulations but not taking away the assault rifle and the clips.

We have that right and if the gangsters want to come into my house and they've got them, what am I going to do with a six shooter? said Madison.

State Senator Marv Hagedorn from Meridian is also in favor of talking but says people can't have a knee jerk reaction.

One of the worst things we could do is rush to a decision and rush to legislation, said Hagedorn.

He believes there are almost too many controls. He says there have been bans on guns and magazines in the past, but they didn't show any results.

Those discussions have to be held. We can't not talk about that, but we need to deal with that in a non-emotional way, said Hagedorn. Look at the facts, look at the data.

In the mean time, people are buying what they can.

We have the right to protect ourselves, said Madison.

Of the people we spoke to, only Klein with the Boise Gun Company feels that current gun laws are sufficient. The others say conversations need to happen.

Something they all agreed on was greater levels of security at schools. Senator Hagedorn says the issues of school safety and gun control will most likely be topics of conversation in the upcoming legislative session.

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