BOISE -- The season is over on the blue, but it's not done yet for the Broncos. They'll make their third trip to Las Vegas for the Maaco Bowl in two weeks.

Bob Harmon with Harmon Travel helps fans book trips to travel and see the team.

During the season it consumes quite a bit of our efforts, said Harmon.

This third consecutive appearance in the Maaco Bowl was not what many fans, like Harmon, said they hoped for.

I think the whole fan base would have loved a bigger opportunity than the Maaco Bowl, said Harmon. But I think the fans need to remember that the BSU program has come a long ways in the last half a dozen years, and gained respect on the national scene.

Harmon said it's important to support team.

One of the pieces of that puzzle is fan support to the bowl games, said Harmon. We don't get the invitation from a big bowl if we don't have the track record of supporting the smaller bowls.

Fans we found didn't seem too disappointed.

No, not at all. Why would I be? They're in a great bowl, said one man. He said he hopes to make it down to Vegas for the game and to visit friends.

I think they could have done better, but on the rebuild definitely it's a good game. Should be a definitely good game, said another fan.

All the fans we talked with are certain the Broncos will bring in a win.

Oh, definitely! Go Broncos!

The Broncos will end their season this year against the Washington Huskies, and start the next season against them.

Harmon Travel still has bowl game travel packages available, if you'd like to go support the team.

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